Every night, we might have trouble lulling ourselves to sleep and we just end up tossing and turning under our duvet covers. We might be thinking why it is difficult to fall asleep even if we feel very tired. Studies shows that we need not feel hopeless because there are solutions to our sleeping problems.


One of things that they suggested is that we have to improve our lifestyle. We might start breaking off some bad habits like smoking because it is one of the reasons why we are sleep deprived. Smokers might reason that it would be hard to break the habit but actually if we maintain enough patience, we can go pass and succeed with quitting. Upon quitting, smokers might feel a lot of improvement not only to their breathing but with the quality of their sleep. In about three night after they quit, they would feel a drastic change when it comes to the quality of their sleep. They would no longer have to battle with the uneasiness at night but find themselves lulling to sleep easily. Indeed, our habits can have a big impact on the quality of our sleep. We have to make good ones to sleep better and live better.