We might wonder about what purpose does Christchurch building inspections serve. Well, to many people, home inspection serves a lot of purpose and it is always for our own benefit. The results would dictate if we would agree to the contract or just simply walk away and make another search for the right property for us.


The results would also be a good opportunity for us to make some negotiations so we can ask for some discounts. This can help us to prepare for future repair work and knowledge about what maintenance we should always be concerned about. This can help every owner to make a plan ahead of time so there would be enough time to prepare and would be able to execute the work properly.


We would not get a yes or no suggestion from the inspector but he would just lay out the results and leave the decision making for us. He would never persuade us to choose which path. He would just provide us some insight to help us make a good decision that is right for our present need. The decision that we would make would depend on the results that we can make in what we are able to understand.